Traveling the world while working online? You are exploring new places but need a quiet place with good Wi-Fi? Perhaps a start-up looking for a temporary office? Sharing the workspace with a community of like-minded people, entrepreneurs and business owners… Open to help each other during the work time but ready for a beer after or for a weekend trip altogether. All this is possible in a coliving!

Coliving is a concept that is becoming more and more popular in this Digital Revolution!

In this article, we explain why a coliving is the best place to live as a digital nomad, what you can expect from a coliving, our personal experiences and some tips. Enjoy!

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Technology is allowing more and more people to work online from anywhere in the world! With this, the workforce is changing and the digital nomad community is growing quickly! In fact, some studies predict more than 1 billion digital nomads in 2035. Yes… 1 BILLION! This is what we call, the Digital Revolution!

This is creating new market needs around the world, such as coworking spaces and colivings, where remote workers can stop by and work or live in a community of like-minded people.

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What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is like an open office used by independent workers or start-up teams, who share the same space, equipment and services. It is designed to create a productive and collaborative environment where you can focus, get your work done or have a coffee-break with a group of digital nomads working next to you.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, remote work greatly improves employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Coworking place example

What is a coliving?

A coliving is a modern concept of accommodation, where like-minded people not only work together but also live together. Sharing common areas like the coworking space, kitchen, living room and others, with a great sense of community.

This sharing economy leads to the efficient use of resources, sustainable lifestyles and great networking. On top of that there are group activities and small-events that contribute creatively and intellectually to the residents and the world around them.

All this combined with fast wi-fi and choice of nature around makes colivings the best place to live as a digital nomad. And that is why they are becoming more and more popular in this digital revolution.


Who stays in a coliving?

Colivings are a very popular choice for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, creatives and start-ups teams. However it is open for anyone that would like to live in a purpose-driven community. From successful people to aspiring ones, you will find a wide range of people in colivings. The only thing that is required is a sense of community!

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Business Meeting in Flamingo Coworking & Coliving, Colombia

How long people stay in a coliving?

People stay a wide range of time in a coliving, from a few days to several months. However it is an option more suitable to mid and long term accommodation. The longer the staying the stronger the connections built inside and thus the better the experience.

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Advantages of living in a Coliving

  • Networking – Meeting other people in the field and making powerful contacts.
  • Learning – You always have something useful to learn from others in a coliving.
  • Socializing – Common areas force human interactions and relationships.
  • Positive habits – You are the average of the people you spend time with, and in a coliving, you will find people with good habits you will be happy to model.
  • Good conditions – Colivings are made for online workers, so working conditions are a priority.
  • Stable Wi-Fi – They get our struggles.
Barbecue night in Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain.

Best colivings in the world

It is hard to answer this question because we haven’t been in many, but we can share our favorite experiences and some tools to find colivings or coworking for your taste. has an extensive list of cities in the world, their characteristics and scores such as safety, costs, internet speed, weather, quality of life, nightlife, and many others.

If you have already an idea of where to go, gathers thousands of coworking spaces and colivings around the world in 1 platform only. Search in the city you are considering to move in, or search colivings within the endless filters they have.

Our favorite colivings

Our favorite colivings are Nine Coliving in Tenerife, in Canary Islands in Spain and Flamingo Coworking in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Nine Coliving was our first contact with a coliving and we completely fell in love with it. An amazing space in a very historic building in Tenerife – probably the best place to spend the European winter due to its tropical weather and nature. There are a lot of activities (daily yoga, barbecue night, gym, outdoor activities, etc.), in a short community of 10-16 people, with the most epic rooftop with a view over the ocean and Teide, a 4 km tall volcano, on the back. Check this short video we made and take a look inside Nine Coliving.

travelb4settle, coliving, coworking, nine coliving, tenerife, digital nomad.
Coworking space in Nine Coliving, Tenerife

Flamingo Coworking, is a tropical coliving situated in Santa Marta, Colombia. Full of vibrant colors and energy, with a big and versatile coworking space with spots for every taste: couches, normal tables, stand up tables, private offices, working area on the rooftop, dedicated desks, conference rooms, etc. Apart from the great working area and inspiring events, it has a backpacker hostel, from the same owner, connected by a secret door in case you would like to socialize or party taking a break of your work for a bit.

coliving flamingo coworking travelb4settle
Flamingo Coworking & Coliving in Santa Marta, Colombia

Coliving is a redefined concept we loved to discover!! From now on we will definitely use it more and we challenge you to do the same! We will do our best to keep this article up to date content with useful information!

And you? Have you ever stayed in a coliving? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section!

With love,
Matilde e Miguel

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