We know it can be stressing before that trip you have been anxiously waiting for. Packing bags and checklists… Guess what? You’ll probably forget something, like we always do! But you know what? It’s gonna be OK!

After almost 2 years travelling we plan close to ZERO before our trips. We love spontaneous travel and almost everything we need (or we think we need) can be solved during the trip.

If you are looking for how many t-shirts do you need or what type of accommodation to choose in your trip, this article is not for you!

In this post we share the ultimate travel essentials. The only 3 things you really can’t forget to prepare before traveling regarding to Health, Money and Documentation.

Travel Essentials

1 – Health: ALWAYS in first place

Read carefully…

Your health is obviously the most important and you must do everything to protect it. ALWAYS! Unless you are a cat and you have 7 lives. Let’s assume this is not your case…


Every trip require different precautions, it really depends on many things! Visit CDC (CDC- Center for Disease Control and Protection), a health protection organization, and search for vaccines and medical advice for the countries you are visiting.

Something we seriously recommend you to do, regardless of where you’re going, is GET A TRAVEL INSURANCE. We never cared about this, but after going to the hospital almost 15 times during 2 years, it’s OBVIOUS for us! And it should be for you too!

Now seriously… Things may not go as planned and, in case of emergency, the last thing you want to be worried about is how to get a good treatment that don’t explode your wallet. Plus it gives you an extra confidence and security to enjoy your adventures and your travels!

Don’t risk and get a travel insurance that meets your needs! Our best recommendation is Iati Insurances: Specially made for travelers, affordable plans, high medical and equipment coverages, no excess (covers from the first €) and without payments upfront. We absolutely love it!

>> Get a 5% discount on any plan for your next trip <<

best travel insurance
Traveling (protected) with Iati Seguros to the Amazon jungle

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2 – Money: Use it globally without taxes

This one radically changed our travels and we bet it will change yours too! Basically we now use the Revolut card and we absolutely love it! Let us explain why…

With Revolut card you can do limitless payments in 150 different currencies and get up to 200€ (free plan) in local money from ATM without taxes and in the official rate! You manage everything from a mobile App where you can top up your card in seconds. Super safe, and easy to send or request money! It’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and saved us so much money!

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Before starting to travel in Asia we had no idea it was going to be so expensive to get our money. ATM’s were crazy expensive as we were taxed by both banks (ours and the local) and the conversion rate was also far from the official. We had to ask our parents to send us money every month by MoneyGram or Western Union but still we ended up paying like 5€ for each 100€ we got plus all the time involved. Not cool…

We needed a better solution! So we did some research and we found Revolut card. We tried it and we have been using it ever since. It’s perfect and have saved us so much money! If you need more than 200€/month there’s also other plans with other perks!

Revolut is only available for European Union citizens. If this is not your case, take a look in Transferwise.

Revolut Card
Revolut Card + App

3 – Documentation: You have to be legal!

This can seem obvious, but everyday there are people with blocked entries all over the world due to unregulated documentation!

As European Union citizen you only need a valid national ID card to travel inside the Schengen Area. But, for the rest of the world you need a valid Passport (some countries may even require a 6 months validity after your return date).

Last but not the least, some countries require a entry VISA. Some allow the VISA to be made on arrival but others require a valid VISA in advance.

Anyway, we advise you to do a proper research before flying to a country. There’s for sure information online for you.

Visa requirements for the European Union citizens
Visa requirements for European Union citizens

Extra tip: keep a copy of every important document in your email or on a cloud!

So, that’s pretty much it! If you are traveling anywhere soon just make sure you have your health covered, you are legal to go wherever you’re going and you can get local cash without paying crazy taxes!

Anything else, we know you’ll be able to solve on the road! Ah, and one extra thing… Do us and yourself a favor and don’t forget to relax, have fun and enjoy your travels!

With love,
Matilde & Miguel

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  1. Matilde

    Such an interesting post… Thank you!

  2. Chris Kosto | GoldenBloggerz.com

    Great resources for travellers, they save so much time! Great work!

    1. TravelB4Settle

      Absolutely, we normally focus in the money it saves us, however the time savings are huge too!! Thank you 🙂

  3. So many helpful tips for travelling here! The Revolut card sounds great!

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    Love this!! Health is super important!

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  5. Documents are one of the most important thing that a traveler never miss. Your travelling can be ruined due to this one things.

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      You mean your private documents? They are super important yes!

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