After years of travelling, starting from cheap backpackers to full-time digital nomads we have been in lots of different types of accommodation. From low-budget to high-end places, from party to work orientated places, from short-term to long-term stays, we have tried it all… In this post we share every type of accommodation we have used, a brief description, the price level ($ to $$$), tips and the resources we use.

“You need a lot of money to travel the world”.

This is the biggest myth ever. You only spend a lot of money travelling if you want to and in this post we will show several options for every wallet size. Dive in!

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House Sitting [Cost:$ ~~ mid to long term]

We aboslutely love this one! Basically you stay in someone else’s house, while the owner is away in work or vacation. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the house and do some basic tasks, which normally includes taking care of pets! The effort is often close to 0 and you get a place you can call home with good conditions. Great to get some work done online!


TrustedHouseSitters is by far the best site for house sitting. The only cost you have is a yearly fee to join and use this platform, which will be paid off after 1 week housesitting. Plus, you can use this link and get 20% discount on your first year.


  • Be flexible. You never know when & where an opportunity will appear!
  • System based on reviews. Check the other’s and work on yours. A bad review can mean not being accepted anymore.
  • You have to seem trustful, so put some effort on your profile! (Contact us if you need some tips)
house sitting, pet sitting, accomodation, digital nomad, travelb4settle, malaysia, kuala lumpur
House/Pet Sitting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Apartments [Cost:$-$$$ ~~ short to mid term]

Staying in local apartments became very usual in the last decade. Normally these apartments are ready for renting which means they are fully furnished and you experience a place from a local neighborhood. You can find from humble private rooms in someone else’s house to a 5-star complete apartment in the top of a tower.


AirBnb is always our go-to when it comes to apartment rentals. There’s thousands of apartments for every taste. Click this link and have 30€ off on your first booking.


  • Check other people’s reviews of the apartment.
  • Check the location. Cheaper flats are not smart if you are 15km from the city center.
  • The longer the stay the cheapest it gets.

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Duna Parque Apartment in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Colivings [Cost:$$-$$$ ~~ mid to long term]

Our favorite option at the moment. Ideal for Digital Nomads or anyone that has some work to do online. A coliving is more than a place to sleep it is living with a community of like-minded people. Despite having our own privacy there are some common areas like kitchen, living room and coworking space. Apart from working together and learning from each other it is normal to have dynamic group activities outside of the working zone.



You can search for options in and filter “with co-living accommodation”.

Our favorite colivings are:

in Europe – Nine coliving in Tenerife, Spain

in America – Flamingo coworking in Santa Marta, Colombia


  • Look for colivings close to activities or nature you like. Beach nearby is always a must for us!
  • The smaller the coliving the stronger the connections built inside will be.
Coliving, Tenerife, Spain, Nine Coliving, Coworking, Digital Nomad, Accomodation, Travelb4settle
Coworking space at Nine Coliving

Hostels [Cost:$ ~~ short term]

Hostels are a popular option for backpackers and solo-travelers. Rooms and bathrooms are shared by several people as well as living rooms and kitchens. This results in low costs, eventhough there are hostels with great spaces and conditions that aren’t that cheap. It normally has a strong social side since common spaces force human connections!


We always use HostelWorld or


  • Extra care for your valuables.
  • Ear plugs for the snoring monsters and eye-mask for the possible light.
  • Some have breakfast included. Search those and save some extra money everyday.

Work Exchange / Volunteer Travel [Cost: 0-$ ~~ short to mid term]

Do you know you can travel the world and pay your accommodation with your time, energy or knowledge? Yup, you exchange your work or volunteer abroad in exchange of accommodation in endless ways: hostels, NGOs, social projects, farms, eco-villages, restaurants and other small businesses. Besides the accommodation part it is a great opportunity to learn new things, help local businesses, develop relationships with locals and get a unique insight of a foreign culture!


Our best recommendation is Worldpackers with hundreds of different jobs and programs all around the world and a community ready to help you! From basic tasks like welcoming guests to more advanced tasks like marketing or SEO. No more excuses, start traveling the world now! Click this link and get a 20% discount to join Worldpackers and get 1 year of volunteer travel and free accommodation!


  • Use the many filters Worldpackers have and find a work you like in a place you want.
  • Pay attention to the conditions negotiated so you don’t get surprises.
workexchange, workaways, worldpackers, edinburgh, castle rock, accommodation, travelb4settle
Workexchange in Edimburg, Scotland

Couchsurfing [Cost:0 ~~ short term]

The cheapest and richest way to travel the world. It is an online community that allows you to stay at a local’s house for free, host other travelers at your home or to meet other travelers in any area.


Even though there are other platforms we only use

Read our guide: How does Couchsurfing work? [Full Guide]


  • Couchsurfing is a system based on reviews. Always check other people’s review before staying at their places.
  • Build a in-depth profile, tell who you are and what you are doing.
  • Send costumized invites to improve your chances.

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travel couple, travelb4settle, portuguese couple, travel, india budget, culture, india sari, indian woam
Couchsrufing in Haryana, India

Hotels [Cost:$$-$$$ ~~ short term]

The oldest and most expensive option of accommodation while travelling is in Hotels. Good if you want you privacy or breakfast buffets. By far the option we less use.

Resources is the world leader in accommodation and our choice when we go this way.


  • Look for reviews and location.
  • Use filters to narrow down your search and find something you like.
TravelB4Settle Influencer Marketing hotel meliã madeira

Meliã Madeira Mare Resort & Spa


  • When moving from place to place we consider overnight buses or trains to avoid that night’s accommodation.
  • When we have flights stop-overs we normally sleep on airports. For this, get golden information about any airport in

These are the options we use when we travel. If you need any more info on any of these options get in contact with us!

Is there any option we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Feel free to share if you learned something!

With love,

Matilde & Miguel

Plan your next trip!

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  • Rent a car with Rentalcars, comparing cars and prices before your trip!
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More tools, courses and gear we recommend in our Resources Page.

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