Have you ever thought about volunteering abroad? Or maybe you’ve looked for programs to work abroad for a year? There are many people who work online and travel, but did you know you can volunteer work for free accommodation? And sometimes meals or more! It’s true. We will show you how to travel the world for free. Well… Not literally, but let us explain.

Worldpackers is a collaborative platform that connects travelers willing to help with hosts who need a helping hand, all around the world. Either by work exchange or volunteering abroad in social or eco projects, you can join the community of 1.5+ Million people and start to travel for free with hosts spread over 170 countries!

Join Worldpackers community now! Sign in through this link and get an immediate 10$ discount to travel 1 year for free! What are you waiting for?

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What is work exchange and how it works?

Work exchange is a concept also called Work Travel or Voluntourism. It basically means exchanging your work, abilities and time for accommodation and sometimes other benefits like meals or yoga classes.

There are endless types of work you can do in many different places. From basic tasks like some hostel jobs (housekeeping or welcoming guests), to more advanced tasks like marketing or social media of a starting company. Simple as: you offer your help, they offer you a bed (at least)!

The conditions are different from place to place and should be agreed beforehand!

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Why we chose Worldpackers

Worldpackers is a great platform to find work abroad programs and some of the best volunteer abroad programs all around the world. Between work exchange, social projects and eco programs, there are hundreds of options all around the world.

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Worldpackers also has 24/7 support center and a complete blog full of useful information on how to use the platform efficiently, plan your trip and get inspired! If you still have any questions or doubts you can get in contact with the ‘experts’ who are experienced travelers ready to help you. (Click on this link and head to ‘’community’’ tab)

Types of volunteer work and programs

There is a huge variety of volunteer jobs you can find within Worldpackers, from very basic to more specialized. These are some of the most common:

  • Photography and videography;
  • Community work;
  • Language teaching;
  • Welcoming & Helping Guests;
  • Social Media & Marketing;
  • Cleaning and other housekeeping tasks;
  • Renovation and maintenance;
  • Bartending or Entertaining guests;
  • Kitchen help;
  • Gardening;
  • Sports teacher;
  • Eco Activities.

It only requires a yearly fee of 49$ to join the platform which will be paid after the first week of free accommodation. Click this link and get an immediate 10$ discount. By saving money you are also helping us! Thank you 🙂

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Why do a Work Exchange or Volunteer abroad?

Here are some reasons why you should include work exchange or volunteering abroad in your plans:

Cheapest way to travel

Accommodation is typically around 50% of the total travel costs. Hosts offer accommodation, some food and sometimes more to volunteers. You can spend close to nothing!

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Slow-Travel friendly

It’s perfect for those who like to travel slowly, get to know the area a little bit better and the local customs.

Live like a local and with the locals

When you live enough time in a place, you start to create some connections with locals, go to the places they go, eat the food they eat and attend the events they attend.

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Living in a new place, with a completely new routine is an amazing experience itself, but it will bring other cool experiences along for sure!

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Relationships from all over the world

You will spend a lot of your time not only with local people but also with people from all over the world. Learning new perspectives, realities and cultures!

Learning languages

Besides improving your English, you’ll probably learn a bit the local language as well.

Develop skills

In volunteer travel your duty is basically help a business new to you. You will not only develop the agreed skills but you will probably end up developing others skills too! These are the skills the worldpackers community felt they developed more in 2017:

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How to start? 3 Simple steps

1 – Sign in!

The process takes 5 minutes. Click this link which already includes a 10$ discount. By saving money you are also supporting TravelB4Settle. Thank you! 🙂

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2 – Create a customized profile

Fill up your interests, what type of trip you are going for and where. Complete your profile with some personal information, skills and languages spoken. The better your profile look, the easier it is to be accepted by hosts!

3 – Start applying!

Use the various filters Worldpackers have to search a job you like, where you like! Read the host reviews and what are the terms proposed. What are your responsibilities and what do you get in return.

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4 – Enjoy!

Were you accepted? Great! Now prepare your trip and have fun!

Ok now we showed you how to travel the world (almost) for free. The question is… Why are you still reading this? It doesn’t matter if is work exchange or volunteering abroad, grab your things and get out there!

We will see each other around… Somewhere!!

With love,
Matilde & Miguel

(Full disclosure: Assume every link in this post is affiliate which means we get a small compensation if you used them. Thanks for supporting TravelB4Settle!)

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