Everything we use in TravelB4Settle...

A list of tools, services and equipment we use traveling and in our online business. Products and services we use, believe in and recommend!

⚠ Disclosure: This list includes affiliate links. By using these links you are supporting TravelB4Settle. Thank you! 

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Iati Seguros

After more than 15 visits to the hospital on our trips, traveling without a travel insurance is absolutely unimaginable and we don’t recommend anyone to do it.  We use, love and recommend Iati Seguros.

Insurances specialized in traveling, flexible plans, great costumer service, with the most important coverages and the best prices on the market. Get a 5% discount or read the complete guide for more info. 


Works like a digital bank. Allows wallets in several currencies, withdrawing money from ATMs for free overseas, transfers between accounts free and immediate, buying stocks, cryptocurrencies and much more!


Airbnb is an accommodation platform ideal for short and mid term stays. An enormous list of options for fully furnitured  apartments at reasonable prices at a distance of only a few clicks.

Trusted HouseSitters

Our favorite platform and ideal for who travel with mid to long term stays! Taking care of someone else’s pets while the owners are absent due to work or holidays.  Accommodation in exchange for a few responsibilities. 


Our favorite tool to search and compare flights.  With features like radial search, time ranges and comparisons between the most convenient, the cheapest and the fastest between point A and B or selected areas.


Volunteering and Work Exchange platform, where you exchange your work for accommodation and sometimes food. Find different opportunities all around the world from simple tasks or manual tasks to more complex or digital.


Our favorite travel bag suitable for weekend or 6 month trips. Comfortable, resistant with lots of organized storage (including for technology) and extendable!


Our alternative platform for accommodation and also the most popular in the world. More appropriate for short term stays and with options in less developed places.

An APP similar to Google Maps, but more designed for travelers with the possibility to download regional maps to use offline. An amazing APP for orientation and 100% FREE. 

On our list of things to get:

Filtered Bottle

Bottle that eliminates 99.999%  of impurities, bacteria, virus, heavy metals and others. Makes any water drinkable excluding salty water. 


Powerbank is a portable battery. A second chance for all our devices. Small, light and with fast charging. 

Universal Adapter

Universal adapter with fast charging compatible with USA, UK, Europe and much more!

Curso Online - "12 Maneiras de Trabalhar Online"

Um curso online criado por nós para te ajudar a começar a trabalhar na internet e seres Nómada Digital. Indicado para quem quer trabalhar online e não sabe a fazer o quê ou para quem tem uma ideia/projeto e não sabe por onde começar. 

Com este curso, conheces 12 maneiras distintas de trabalhar online, descobres passo a passo como começar, reúnes as melhores ferramentas, segues um plano de progressão, fazes parte de uma comunidade com os mesmos objetivos que tu e contas com o nosso apoio!  

Iati Seguros

Our favorite Travel Insurance company has plans specially designed for Digital Nomads and long term travelers. Plans with high medical coverages, technology coverages, activities and much more at great prices! 


The antivirus we use nowadays to protect our devices and we love! Very simple, fast and efficient  interface and also includes a VPN feature that allows you to protect your internet connection in seconds.

Nomad List

An amazing platform to find and compare destinations to work remotely from.  Among the many features, there is a world ranking of destinations based on factors like climate, cost of living, internet speed, quality of life, etc. Portugal always on the top! FREE Service. 


The biggest list of coworking spaces and colivings in the world. you can search, check reviews, compare and book coworking spaces in a matter of clicks. Explore the Global Pass where you jump between different spaces.

Meet Up

Remote Work can be lonely! MeetUp (or Facebook) are great tools to connect with people. You can participate in events of networking, technical workshops, in themed parties or outdoor activities!


Great APP to manage expenses and perfect for accountability of joint accounts or travel costs. A Free platform, easy and fast to use. Probably not the best tool in this space, but we have been using for a long time and so far has been amazing!

Essential accessories (& cheap):

Wireless earphones

Wireless earphones with fast Bluetooth connection, small, light and with good sound quality. Reasonable battery but without noise-cancelling.

Laptop stand

Stand for laptops to improve posture. Metallic but light, foldable and stable. Several heights and include transport bag. 

Wifi Mouse

Wireless computer mouse, small, light and very silent. Includes Bluetooth transmitter, charger and a good battery life.

Wifi Keyboard

Portable wireless keyboard for laptops, tablets or smartphones. Light and thin keyboard with Bluetooth connection. Perfect size to carry on and improve posture when working online. 


To start a website you need 2 things: a domain ( and a website hosting which is basically where the website lives. is and always was hosted on Bluehost

Bluehost is a very popular and well-rated website host in the market. User interface is simple and easy-to-use, one-click installation of WordPress, an incredible costumer service that works 24/7 and the best prices on the market. On top of that, they even offer you a FREE domain in the first year!


Our favorite digital university with hundreds of online courses, well organized and taught by experts in each field.  Photography, video, digital marketing, business and much more. Any field you can imagine and all skill levels too.  


An amazing tool to manage projects, teams and tasks. Allows setting priorities, assignees for tasks, deadlines and much more. The FREE version is very complete and essential on our daily basis.


A email marketing platform. Simple, easy to use but very powerful. Allows organizing and segmenting lists of contacts, send mass emails, high level of customization, create automations and much more. FREE up to 2000 contacts.  


Advanced and professional tools for media creation and editing. We edit our photos on Lightroom, some images on Photoshop and videos on Premiere Pro. These are just some of the many tools Adobe have. 

Google Workspace

It is scary the amount of Google tools we use every day. Meeting on Meets, articles on Docs, tables no Sheets, agenda on Calendar, files on Drive, Email, Maps, Analytics, Search Console, Forms… The list is endless!


Our website is build on Elementor, a powerful plugin in WordPress. Elementor allows to create completely  costumized websites without limitations, with good performances and optimized for mobile or tablet. With a very simple and easy to use “drag and drop” interface. 


Images stocks with thousands of images, photos and videos for free and legal use. Pexels is one of the stacks we use the most on our businesses. Other examples are: Unsplash, Pixabay, Flaticon, Freepik.

Equipment we use for content creation:

Canon M50

Our beloved mirrorless camera, small, light but with very high quality outcome. 24 Megapixel sensor, records up to 4k (25fps) or FullHD (up to 60fps). Wi-fi connection and reversible touchscreen LCD.

Moukey Microphone

Shotgun Microphone for cameras or smartphones. Cheap microphone but with high quality sound. 

Moza Gimbal

Our favorite mobile phone stabilizer. Light, foldable, compact, that stabilizes in 3 axes with good precision and many recording modes. 


Essential for content creation whether it is for distant photography, stabilized footage, self shooting or long exposure shots. 

Urban Foods

Portuguese company of Vegan Snacks. Delicious, healthy, low on calories and free of additives! The best solution for guilty-free snacking. 

Wild Vegano

Vegan e anti-waste products for a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle and positive footprint. From clothing to everyday accessories, home-decoration products and much more!